Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

The week flew by because of Thanksgiving on Thursday.  We drove down to Lorton, Va. to spend the day with Linda and Clyde and some of their children and grandchildren.  It was so nice to be with family and to share the holiday with them.  The meal was just wonderful and we were given leftovers to take home to enjoy the next day.  The best!

We had the Reynolds family, one recently baptized member, and two missionaries over for dinner and FHE Monday night.  Elder Lewis shared a story from the August Ensign about giving without judging.  When we keep coming to the Lord about the same problems, he never says,  "You have done this many times before",  or "I'm getting tired of this."  Instead, he is always there with his arms extended to us to listen and welcome us back.  After the lesson we played "The Glad Game."  We each shared something from past experiences that we may not have liked to do but were "glad" we did, because we learned and grew from the experience.  

After a wonderful district meeting on Tuesday  (where our Mission President was in attendance), we served taco salad to all the missionaries for lunch.  It was a hit but I had misjudged and prepared way too much.  I'll know better  next time.  We and our own four elders were a little taco'd out after a couple of days :).

One sister in our branch who has come back to church recently, and whom we love but have worried about because of her personal situation, called us during the week and told us that she was in a shelter for women.  We were happy to hear it because she was not safe at home.  She had left with only the clothes on her back but sounded happy to now be in a safe place.  Yesterday she called again and told us that she had found a small apartment away from here and that she would be moving there today, Monday.  She has nothing - no food, no furniture, and not even a pan to cook anything in.  We called our branch president and he will contact her new bishop so she can get some assistance.  We also contacted the senior missionary couple in that area and they are also happy to help.  I love this church!  

We were so very happy yesterday in church to see a less active member of our branch whom we have been visiting and come to know and love.  Everyone welcomed him warmly and we hope he felt at home again and recognized that he belonged. 

We finally today almost completed our 72 hour emergency kit.  Every missionary must have one - just in case.  It's nice to know that we are ready for whatever may come.  Hopefully we will not get snowed in this winter with no electricity etc., but "we can sleep when the wind blows".

We received a wonderful Thanksgiving package from our daughters and their families in California this week.  Beautiful art work from each child and also candy, cookies, a candle and a funny card from everyone.  We loved it.  Thank you!!!

Love to all from Elder and Sister Lewis :)

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