Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

We have met so many people who are suffering from the effects of pain, abuse, regret and heart aches.  Some is caused by their own wrong choices and lack of preparing for the future, but some are caused by the wrongs of others.

I was reminded of a poem I have loved for a long time and it has brought comfort to my own heart.  It was one Spencer W. Kimball often mentioned in his writings. 

Pain stayed so long I said to him today,
"I will not have you with me any more." 
I stamped my foot and said, "Be on your way,"
And paused there, startled at the look he wore."
I, who have been your friend," he said to me,"
I, who have been your teacher - all you know
Of understanding love, of sympathy,
And patience, I have taught you.  Shall I go?"
He spoke the truth, this strange unwelcome guest;
I watched him leave, and knew that he was wise.
He left a heart grown tender in my breast,
He left a far, clear vision in my eyes.
I dried my tears, and lifted up a song-
Even for one who'd tortured me so long.

Hopefully we can all learn and be strengthened by life's difficult lessons.

This is our zone taken after zone training on Tuesday.  Elder Yardly and Elder Zwhalen, our zone leaders,  did a fantastic job.
Why the umbrella and why someone is crawling on top of others I surely don't know, but they are having fun.  Elder Lewis is hiding in the back somewhere.

We had a very nice Easter.  On Saturday there was an Easter egg hunt at church for all the Primary children.  It was very successful and I think about 70 children and adults attended. After the hunt we had a pot-luck lunch in the building.  

Don't take eggs from the children, Elder Lewis!

Cutie pie.

Everyone had plenty to eat.  

During Sunday's sacrament meeting, the youth in my Sunday School class and the four young missionaries sang as the special musical number, "He Sent His Son".  I was very proud of them and sat in the audience with a big motherly smile on my face and tears in my eyes. 

Later in the day, we had all four elders over for Easter dinner.  It is always nice to share a meal with them.  I forgot to take pictures of us at the table, but here they sit on the couch, as we are sharing our special feelings about Easter.  Elders Latu, Yardley, Zwahlen and White.  They are all top notch missionaries and we are so proud and thankful to be fellow servants of the Lord with them.

Every Friday night we now have Family Fun Night from 6:30 to 8:30 at the church.  It has been very well attended and everyone is having a good time.  We are having a few problems with some of the children who do not know how to behave in a church building, but we are working on solving that problem.

Even the elders get into the fun.

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