Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

We enjoyed our weekend trip to Cumberland last week but we were also happy to be back supporting the missionaries, members and leaders of the Brooklyn Park Branch.  There are always things to do and people to serve.  

During our regular weekly district meeting on Tuesday, we all tried to teach a lesson without saying "filler words" like um, uh, sweet, awesome etc.  I had no idea that I said "um" all the time. It was an eye opener.  

During the week we visited sixteen families and had many wonderful and spiritual experiences.  We tried to help some people understand that when we have problems or setbacks, the best place to be is at church where we gain strength from taking the sacrament and being among fellow saints.  Instead, so many stay away saying, "Some day when my life is better or I feel more worthy, I will come back."  One sister who has a problem with smoking said to us when we invited her to attend, "But I feel like a hypocrite!"  We were quick to teach her that we all have problems, that we all struggle and that none of us is perfect.  The main reason Christ established his Church is to heal sinners and lift up the broken hearted.  We were so excited to see her attend church yesterday.  She came in and sat with us and I know she loved being there, recognizing that familiar feeling of the Spirit.  During the talks she kept nodding her head and whispering yes.  

We wish so much that more members of the Church would go out and bring back all those people who are sad, lonely or struggling in some way, and are just waiting for someone to care enough to reach out to them.  In our Church this is called home teaching and visiting teaching.  I know that our chapels would be overflowing if we would all do that.  

We feel good about the small things we can do to help and support the people here.  This week we helped find some used furniture for a couple of families who have nothing to sit on other than mattresses on the floor.  It was heartwarming to see other members of the branch volunteer to give things away.  There are so many good people everywhere. 

We still have Family Fun Night every other Friday at church.  The kids and missionaries have lots of fun playing games and doing crafts.  Here they are playing Red Rover. 
I brought a bag of small rocks, some markers, fuzzies, 
     small rolling eyes and glue, and everyone made their very 
own "pet rock."  We have lots of amazing talent.  

Playing Yahtzee is always fun.

One of the highlights of our week was attending the
wedding reception of some good friends.
They are adorable and we're so happy for them.

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