Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

We have had a "sweet" week with several, what the younger missionaries would call "miracles."   People have come up to us at the post office and on the street and asked us about the Church.  We hope to be able to teach some of them.  

There are times when I feel scared or worried about visiting people whom we are not sure would want us to come.  If it were not for Elder Lewis, we probably would not get as much done.  He talks to everybody and is not afraid to knock on less active members' doors.  After I get over the initial hesitation I'm okay and I am usually the first one to knock and say hello.  We have had so many good and heart warming experiences that we would not have had if I had allowed my fear to discourage me.  

One day this week we went to visit a Hispanic family referred to us.  We knocked and a nice elderly lady came to the door.  Elder Lewis spoke to her in Spanish and she smiled and invited us in.  We asked her about the sister we came to visit, who turned out to be her daughter-in-law.  She was not at home, but the lady invited us to come into the living room to sit down.  Sitting on the couch was a very frail looking younger woman, maybe thirty.  She had no hair and had a blanket over her.  During the conversation she told us that she had cancer and that it was all through her body.  I had to fight back the tears.  She was so beautiful and sweet and we enjoyed the opportunity to get to know her a little.  Although they were not members of our Church they welcomed us to say a prayer with them. We left feeling sad, but thankful for knowing that this life is not the end and that God is aware of each of us and our individual needs and trials.

Another day this week, we went to visit some people who are also not members but whom we have become friends with.  They were sitting on the front porch but when they saw us coming, they all got up and went into the house.   Oh well, you can't win 'em all.  

We still have "Family Fun Night" at church two Fridays a month.  Last week, after playing games outside organized by the elders, and then watching a "Mormon Message" video, we played bingo.  Everyone had a wonderful time and it's good to have children from less fortunate situations and neighborhoods come and enjoy the healthy fun.  

The missionaries of the Brooklyn Park Branch.

This picture is for this elder's mother and grandmother.
He always directs the singing at our district meetings and he bore a very sweet and sincere testimony at church yesterday.    

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  1. Elder McRae's father thanks you for posting this and other pictures. Your kind words brought tears this morning, thank you.