Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Wow, it's 2015! 

I cannot believe that we have been on our mission for sixteen months now and it seems like such a short time.  Three senior couples are returning home in January and we will say goodbye to them on Wednesday at a dinner in the mission home, and then at the next transfer it will be us saying goodbye.  Say it ain't so.  The good news is that new senior couples keep coming and the work will go on without any interruption.  

This past week we have had many joyful experiences and also some disappointments.  The truth is that we have all been given the great gift agency - to choose for ourselves. We can teach true gospel principals, encourage, lift and love people, but they all have to choose whether they want to change and have a happier life, or stay the same.  It has been like that from the beginning and God does not force anyone to come back to Him.  His arms are always stretched out, but it's up to us to move toward Him or away from Him.  

We really enjoyed bringing some Christmas cheer to some lonely and sad people this week.  The joy we experience when we visit people and feel of their spirit and gratitude, cannot be put into words.  It has certainly changed and humbled us and we hope this feeling will stay with us forever. 

With my sweet friend.  She calls me grandma.  

This is for those who say that Elder Lewis doesn't smile.

Good bye Elder White.  You will always be in our hearts.

Ready for the party.
We rearranged our furniture for the occasion.  

These elders make themselves at home.  We love it.  

We had a good time.  Two more came after these pictures
were taken, so we had a pretty good group.

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