Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9 , 2015

It's hard to imagine, but in three weeks we will be writing our last post. Our calendar for February is so crammed full that we don't know how we will find time to do it all.  

Last Sunday we attended a special stake meeting in Annapolis, where the ward and branch boundaries were realigned. The result was that the Brooklyn Park Branch will be getting several families and individuals - 38 people in all - from the Glen Burnie Ward.  It's an answer to many prayers and hopefully it will be a blessing to all.  Some times it is difficult to readjust, but we hope everyone will be open and willing to the change.

The highlight from the week is that we are still teaching Karen and we love it. We have also gone with the young elders to visit and teach others and that is always a good experience.  It is so impressive how a couple of teenagers or twenty year olds can be so mature and disciplined. They give two years of their lives to serve the Lord and we always stand in awe of their strength. They inspire us.

Well, what can I say.  We're cold!

It's the small things that usually make us happy.
I had been waiting patiently for many months and here it is.
So beautiful!  

I baked a cake to celebrate all the birthdays in our district.
These two cute sisters were so excited to taste it.  

Three layers of chocolate cake with chocolate coconut frosting.  Trimmed with KitKats and M&Ms on top.  Yummy. 

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