Monday, October 14, 2013

Another week has passed.

Hi everyone,

Today is "Preparation Day" which means we clean, do laundry, shop etc..  We really don't have very strict rules, but we try as much as possible, to follow the same rules as the young missionaries.  

Every Tuesday morning from 10:30 to about 12:00 we have a District Meeting and meet with about six sets of missionaries from our District.  We are always amazed at how well mannered, prepared, disciplined and spiritual these young and women are.  They teach us something every time.

This past week we have met many new people.  Last Friday we drove around and tried to visit several members of the branch but no one was home and I was getting tired and discouraged.  Especially at one place where a large dog wanted to kill us.  On the way home we stopped at the store to get a few things.  While in the parking lot, a gentleman walked up to Ken and said "Hello Elder Lewis."  He had seen the name tag.  It was a less active member of our branch.  He introduced us to his wife and we talked to them for about 30 minutes and really enjoyed getting to know them.  They had lost a daughter to cancer when she was 29 and also lost a very young granddaughter who was murdered when she was only 18 months by her mother's boyfriend.  They had had one tragedy after another.  We told them they really needed the Church and that the Church needed them, and encouraged them to come back.  They agreed with us. 

We especially enjoy visiting a sister in the branch, Eva Gross, who is suffering from kidney problems and diabetes.  She lives with her son - or rather her son lives with her.  Just the sweetest little person and so humble.  She goes to dialysis three times a week and is very tired most of the time.  

We could tell you story after story about the people we have come to know and love.  We feel like we have been here for a long time but it has only been a month.  

This coming Saturday we are going to the Washington Temple.  We haven't been there in 30 years.  A sister in the branch is going for the first time and has asked me to escort her.  I feel honored and happy to do it.

Below you see a couple of pictures of our apartment living room.  We love it.

Love to all.

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