Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

It has been a good and rewarding week.

We have become friends with a Catholic Priest - Father Skip - who works in a church right across the street from our Branch building.  We heard he was sick and in the hospital, so we paid him a visit and he was very surprised to see us.  We talked a little religion but we mainly wanted to show him that we care about him.

We have been visiting more active and less active members of the Branch.  We are warmly welcomed for the most part, but many times people are not home - or don't open the door.  We always leave a little note with our names and phone number.  Ken gives "pass along cards" to anything that moves :).  Hopefully we are planting some seeds.  We feel we have missed some really good opportunities also, but we are still learning.

Tuesday we attended our Zone Training Meeting.  Ken and I helped evaluate and make suggestions as we listened to the young Elders and Sisters practice the "Preach My Gospel" manual.  It was a great experience.

Thursday we had a young couple over for lunch.  He is out of work so they are struggling and are a little discouraged.  I taught her to set up a file in Excel so she has more experience to put on her resume.

Friday night we were invited to dinner at a really sweet family's house.  It was nice to be in a home with little children and we enjoyed playing and talking with them, and telling them a story.

We have found a really good 1 1/2 mile route to walk in the morning. We don't do it every morning but really enjoy it when we can, in this Indian Summer.  It's up and down hills in this neighborhood with some really beautiful homes.  I can really feel it in the back of my calves.

We went to the Washington, D. C. Temple Saturday morning - for the 7:00 am session.  It was such a beautiful experience and so nice to see 10 other members from our Branch there.

We both received callings on Sunday.  I will be teaching the youth in Sunday School.  I think there are about six in the class, ranging from 12 to 17.  I'm a little worried.  Ken was called to be the Sunday School President and he is happy that he will be my "boss".

I spoke in Church yesterday.  It was a scary and spiritual experience.  We were happy to see some less active members there who we have been visiting with and invited to church.

We baked a birthday cake for another less active member and took it to his house yesterday after church.  We were so excited when he called and thanked us and invited us to come back to visit him and his wife this week.

There are four young Elders in our Branch now.  We had them all over yesterday after church for a planning meeting and for  make-your-own - Reuben Sandwiches.  They loved it and one of them said he was going to name all his sons "Reuben".

Today we went to Ikea - my favorite place!  We needed several things for the apartment and bought a chair, an end table, a plant, and several other things.  Little by little our apartment is looking and feeling more comfortable.  We are happy here.

Tonight - and every Monday night from now on - we are having people over for Family Home Evening.  We have invited active and less active members to come, and even our non-member neighbor Frank.  Hopefully we will have a good turn-out; if not, we will be eating a lot of apple pie and cherry pie with ice cream in the next few days. :)

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