Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 14, 2014

I usually write on Mondays, our preparation day, but we were really busy all day with cleaning, shopping and getting ready for our weekly Family Home Evening.  We only had two visitors this time but it turned out to be a really pleasant evening with a good discussion on how we can cope with life's trials and heartaches.  

Last Monday we were very pleased to have a less active member attend, and he also brought his daughter and her three children, ages five through twelve.  We first showed a short Mormon Message video and then talked about the importance of making good choices and how they affect us in the future.  I told the boyhood story by Pres. Hinckley about two young boys who put coins in a field laborer's shoes, and the children really enjoyed it.  We had a good discussion about the warm feelings we get when we choose the right.

Our daughter Deanna texted us the other day and said, "People ask about you and I tell them your are loving it, working hard, and it seems like you are on a second honeymoon because you are having so much fun."

Well, she is right.  We do love being here, we do work hard, and we are also having a lot of fun.  There is no better way to find happiness than spending time helping others find happiness.  Having almost every day planned with meetings, appointments, visits, and service can indeed get tiring, but we sleep well at night and we rest when we need to.   We have plenty of fun.  We often see the light side of our experiences and laugh with each other a lot.  

We also have good fun visiting with our new friends here.  Several days ago  we were visiting a couple who shared with us some contentious family problems.  After listening, we advised them to forgive and forget, and to let the whole matter go.  Then, out of the blue, I started singing, " Let it be, let it be ..." from the old Beatles song.  Ken and the couple joined in and we then all laughed together.  Some times laughing truly is the best medicine.  We usually leave a spiritual thought when we visit people and often we sing a song also.  People really like that, especially elderly people.

For the honeymoon part, I should tell you that if you want to know whether you can get along with your husband or wife  "24/7",  just go on a mission.  To be honest, before we came here we were a little worried about how it would go. But with patience, open communication, tolerance, and lots of prayer, we are getting along great.  When we allow God to be in the relationship, it always works out.  After all, we have been practicing this for 42 years so we should have learned it by now, right?

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