Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 24, 2014

This past week was a week of highs and lows.  We had many good and rewarding visits with members of our branch as they shared with us their joys and sorrows.  One brother returned to church Sunday and we were very happy and excited to see him.  During Sunday School class he suddenly collapsed from a low sugar episode and an ambulance had to be called. It caused quite a stir in our little group. While we waited our branch president offered a prayer for him. He was fine after the paramedics gave him something to stabilize his sugar.

One day we unexpectedly helped out a stressed sister by sitting with her son and seventeen year old autistic daughter for a while so their mother could run a necessary errand.  It was a very sweet experience for us.  The son is in my class on Sundays, but we had never met the daughter.  We talked about music, games, school and even God.  She wanted to know what we thought He was like and told us that she believed in Him.   It was fun to get to know her and felt of her sweet spirit.  

A little after midnight, this past Friday, our phone rang and it was the son of a sister we dearly love, telling us that his mother just passed away.  We had visited her in the hospital the Sunday before and worried that perhaps she would not be coming home again.  Sister Eva was the sweetest little lady and we had come to know her and love her these past six months.  After the call I went back to bed and as I thought of her, I could see her face and hear her voice saying to me, "It's alright honey," like she had said to me so many times before.   She was only 67, but had been ill for a long time.  The funeral was today and we enjoyed visiting with her large family and listening to all the good memories of Eva.  We will truly miss her and the branch will never be the same without her.

Last Wednesday we attended the temple with our new mission leader and the four young Elders.  It was a most spiritual experience.  We feel like they are our family, so we really enjoyed the experience with them.  

In addition to teaching the youth in Sunday School, I now also teach the 4th Sunday lesson in Relief Society.  I really enjoy doing that and there are usually about ten to fifteen sisters in the class.  

Did we mention that there are about six Filipino families in the branch?  Even our branch president is from the Philippines.   They are all very nice, happy and friendly people.

We have had a few days of nice weather, but also more snow and cold.  Hopefully spring will be here soon.

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  1. How sad that she passed away. Wow, teaching the youth is a challenge. It's like you have this whole other life there mom and dad :)