Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

It's snowing again and we are "stuck" inside.  Hopefully the roads will be safe to drive tomorrow and rest of the week.  On Thursday we will attend a Senior Conference in Frederick and that evening I will attend a Stake Relief Society birthday celebration in Annapolis.

We had a wonderful day yesterday.  There were six investigators at Church and some less actives attended also.  The fast and testimony meeting was so awesome and spiritual, and we both felt uplifted and renewed.  We were in meetings at the Church from 7:30 to 1:00,  gave a couple of people rides to and from Church, visited our sweet friend Gladys at the nursing home, and then checked on another sister who had broken her ankle.  We were then tired and ready to go home, but felt great and very thankful.

Last Tuesday we attended a two-zone conference in Annapolis.  It was a really good day and especially good to see some of the other senior couples.  As we listened to President Richards' words of counsel and instruction to the young missionaries (and us old folks), I kept hearing the theme, "Forget yourself and go to work."  It's so true.  When we dwell on our own shortcomings, disappointments, and aches and pains,  we usually end up tired and discouraged; but when we concentrate on how we can serve and help others, we gain energy, power, strength and joy.

Listening intently..

 Some of the kitchen help.

The two cute sisters in our district.  The best!

 As you can see, we have fun.

Some of the young and senior sisters in the Annapolis zones.

More kitchen helpers...

What do they call it?  Picture hogger?

Two of our own - Elders Urses and Yardley (both from Utah)

The other two. Elders White (Utah) and Latu (Tonga)

I have mentioned before something Sister Richards usually says when talking about relationships and how to better get along with others:  "It doesn't matter if you are right; It doesn't matter if you are justified.  If you have contention in your heart you are wrong."
That attitude can solve so many relationship problems.  If we are willing to be the first to step up and say, "I'm sorry", we will help ourselves and others to be better and stronger people.

The latest on my personal aches and pains are as follows:  My back is much better.  I'm still careful but so far, so good.  I changed my mind about having surgery on my torn rotator cuff and instead had a cortisone injection.  I'm hoping it will give me several pain free months and hopefully have the surgery after we get back home a year from now.

We have learned so many positive things from the young Elders.  Every time we talk to them, either on the phone or in person, they always end by saying, "We love you!"  So, in that spirit I will end.  "We love you!"

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  1. That's sweet they say "I love you." And they call it photo-bombing :)