Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

We have had another amazing and busy week.  Some of the highlights are mentioned below with pictures to prove it.  

We have comforted and cheered up a dear friend who is going through some marriage difficulties and serious emotional problems.  

We have also visited a couple who is going through some severe trials.  She lost her job and because of that, also their health insurance.  He is disabled and needs surgery for a back problem. They have so much faith, hope and trust that they inspire us.    Having the eternal perspective that only the Gospel can bring, helps us in every situation.  They know there are better days ahead for all of us.

One interesting experience we had last Thursday, and one I will never forget, was while we were sitting outdoors, teaching a young boy who lives in a pretty rough neighborhood, a RAT suddenly came running out from under the house and toward my chair.  I jumped up and screamed and scared the rat back under the house.  The others thought it was funny, but for me - not so much.

On Saturday we were blessed to attend a special missionary conference at the stake center near the DC Temple.  Oh my goodness.  I can't even express how amazing it was.  Over 650 missionaries were in attendance and one of the Apostles, Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke in addition to three other General Authorities.  Many wonderful things were said, but my favorite was when Elder Ballard said:  "We love our senior missionaries." 

This is during our - almost weekly - lunch at Gino's after District Meeting.  We at times forget that we are a few years older than these young sisters. 

We have been teaching this amazing ten year old boy the new member lessons.  He was baptized a couple of months ago and is soaking it all in.  He knows the answer to all the questions and we expect great things from him.  His family are all members of the Church.  (This is when the rat came out.) 

On Friday night most of the senior couples met at the Olive Garden for dinner. We were saying goodbye to the Nickerson's and hello to the Crane's.   It was so much fun and we love getting together. Usually the dinners are held in the mission home, but the Richard's were out of town.

On our way to the conference Saturday.  These sisters and Elder Warner rode with us and we enjoyed them very much.

The other five elders from our district rode together in another car.

We're so lucky to have family pretty close by.  It's only a one hour drive for Linda and Clyde and four hours for Sylvia and Fred.  It was wonderful to be able to share a meal with them and spend the afternoon together.

A selfie during our Monday walk. The weather is beautiful now and we love being outside.  

One of the nice views we see on the way.

The view from our back porch.

The traffic noise is not quite as bad now that the trees have leaves, but you can see how close we are to the freeway.

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