Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

The week started out with a bang.  We went to Ikea on Monday, one of my favorite places.  It was good to get out of town for a little while.  We bought a few things and had a nice lunch there.  

As most of you know, the weather here was terrible on Tuesday, and especially Wednesday this past week.  After our district meeting on Tuesday, we were still able to visit a few people and had a good day.  On Wednesday you could say that we got wet and also a little discouraged.  Most of our appointments were cancelled or fell through.  I think we went to five homes and they had either forgotten or were too tired to talk to us.  We did have one really good visit teaching a ten year old boy the new member lesson #3, with his family listening in. It was great.  

With all the rain, the pot holes are now sink holes, and we really have to watch carefully when we drive.  We saw one car with a sticker on the back that read, "I'm not driving drunk, I'm just trying to avoid pot holes."  That about says it.

We have been spending a lot of time this past week helping a couple pack their belongings before moving to Utah.  They both have severe health problems, so we have been doing what we can to help.  It has also been good getting to know them better and we hope the move will be a positive one.

Our Friday "Family Fun Nights" have been very successful.  More and more families and children come and participate.  It's interesting to see how, when given a chance, kids and adults step up and want to help clean up or do anything else that is needed.  

We usually have about 65 attend our sacrament meetings.  Yesterday was especially good, with many members bearing their testimonies and many less actives coming back to church.  When they come back, they always fit right in and are welcomed with open arms. They soon recognize that familiar special feeling in their hearts.  Other churches may have loud music, drums, shouting and entertainment, but the quiet and peaceful whisperings of the Spirit can be much more powerful.  

I love and admire these wonderful sisters.
They are strong, faithful, hard working,
beautiful and just amazing. 
It's always a good time when we have
our four elders over for dinner. Elder Latu was on 

exchange and we had Elder Warner for a few days. 

These pictures are from our Family Fun Night.
Lots of fun going on as you can see.

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