Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Transfer day again in Columbia.  
We welcomed seven fine young missionaries...
...but said goodbye to five of the best.  During the meeting they sang "Homeward Bound" (The Tabernacle Choir version).
It was very emotional.
With my cute companion.
With my cute friends.
Elder Christensen always has to have a hug.
Elder White with his new companion straight from the MTC.
After district meeting on Tuesday, they had to show off their ties.
We attended a wonderful baptism in Glen Burnie on Friday.  We're so happy for Rachel.  She was beaming.
Let's take a picture of our missionary team.
No, we should stand over there. No, over there.
Yes, we see you elder.
Same to you.

Don't be smug.
Oh, you just got it?
I give up. They're all crazy.  

Finally!  Our amazing branch missionary team.

Saturday I also attended a Stake Relief Society activity called "Serenity."  They had a photo booth there and we
dressed up in beach attire for the picture.  

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