Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

We are called as MLS, i.e.,  Member and  Leader Support, Missionaries.  We love our calling and thank God every day that we are having this rewarding experience.  We have learned so much about gratitude, contentment and patience.  By serving others we are also learning to put our own worries aside and to concentrate more on what the Savior would want us to do.  When things get hard, we say: "Forget yourself and go to work."  It works every time. 

On Wednesday I attended a Sisters' Conference in Harpers Ferry.  It was a wonderful experience.
About 75 missionaries made the two miles hike to the top and back.  I didn't go but wish I had.  Instead I helped in the kitchen in the church near by to get lunch ready for everybody when they returned.

We received uplifting and inspiring instructions after lunch.   What a wonderful day.

During the "week of service" the church donated 40,000 lb. of food to the Maryland Food Bank, as well as to many other states.  It was an honor for us to be there again this year.
Elder Lewis wanted to drive that big truck.  Looking good.

We had a baby shower after Relief Society for a sweet new sister.
Lots of yummy refreshments.

Friday night, while eating a green apple, one of my front teeth broke off.  It was quite a shock and I look weird, so now we have to deal with that little problem.

On Saturday we drove to the bishop's storehouse in Baltimore to help with unloading a truck and also with stocking shelves and filling food orders.  It was really fun and we enjoyed working with all the other people who came to help.  

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