Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Our Halloween week was fun and eventful.  
As always we enjoyed every minute of it.

Elder Lewis is writing the history
of the Brooklyn Park Branch.
This row house in the middle is 

where the members started meeting 
back in early 1993.

We have walked by this beautiful house
many times in the past fourteen months and
have always admired it, wishing we
could peek inside.  One day we were lucky
enough to meet the owners, a lovely elderly
couple who have lived in the house for 57 years and
raised their seven children there. They were
very kind and invited us to come back to visit
and see the house. The following pictures are
from some of the beautiful rooms inside.
Then my camera died and I was so upset that
I couldn't take more!

There were several beautiful
and amazing fireplaces with, as
you can see, magnificent mirrors
above. This is the living room.

The living room from another 
angle with the antique grand piano.

The library and master of the house.

Also the library

Another view of the cozy library

The dining room

another view of the dining room.

The the amazing kitchen window, with a view
to die for, above the table where we were served
pineapple upside down cake and apple cider.

These next three pictures are from
our Halloween party at church.
Moses showed up. He was really 

Gandolf from Lord of the Rings.
Really scary!

Our four young missionaries,
trying to be mummies.

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