Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

It snowed a couple of days this week and it has been very cold.  I guess we will have to expect it for the next few months.  

I have been baking an awful lot of pumpkin bread lately.  It's always fun this time of year to take people a little holiday treat.

After our district meeting on Tuesday, all the missionaries were invited to a lunch at the Glen Burnie chapel following a funeral.  It was very nice of them to think of us and we enjoyed the wonderful fellowship and food.

This sweet lady feeds the missionaries
every Wednesday.
It was a cold day in Curtis Bay.
Our own simple Thanksgiving feast.
We chose to stay home to enjoy
a day of relaxing and good food. 
At Family Fun Night this week the elders
performed a magic trick.  One elder was
handcuffed, bound and tied up, and
then put in a closet to find his way out. 

He escaped and the kids loved it!
The other elder in the background lost a bet 

and had to sing a song for us all.  
Everyone likes to color.
Friday was inspection day.  This is
what met us at the door after we knocked.
Not sure what to think.  
Another "last supper."  Didn't we just have one?
Two are leaving and we are so sad.
  Elder D is going to be a district leader
in another area.  Elder B is also on to
bigger and better things. Elder M will be
training a new missionary. What? He has 

only been here four and a half months.
Sign of things to come.  

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